Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 12/18/12 Part II

Killer Joe: I have been interested in this ever since it was hit with the dreaded NC-17 rating. It perplexes me how so many films can be made nowadays that come out with an R or even a PG-13 rating, where so many disgusting images are on screen. But, some films get the odd NC-17 rating. Really looking forward to seeing what prompted it - and the film seems pretty interesting as well.

Premium Rush: One of a few Joseph Gordon-Levitt films being released here in December. We had Dark Knight Rises released a few weeks ago, and Looper will be out by the end of the year. Here Gordon-Levitt is on a fast-paced bike odyssey, which I am looking forward to see why. Gordon-Levitt has sort of hit that 'it' factor for me where I may just see him anything with how talented he has become.

Liberal Arts: That dude from How I Met Your Mother (Josh Radnor) writes/directs/stars in his second film, after 2010's HappyThankYouMorePlease, which I have still not checked out but want to. I will also look into this new one he has - but I should probably watch the first one first - even though they have nothing to do with each other (I think).

Sleepwalk With Me: Hadn't really head of this one - apparently based off a bit from a one-man comedy show by the guy starring in the film. Has something to do with sleepwalking, obviously. Not really getting sucked in though.

Good Doctor: I really hope that with his presence in one (or a few) of The Hobbit films that Orlando Bloom can become a bit more mainstream again. What the heck happened to him? Anyway, here is a film starring him that I have heard nothing about. But, I may give it a chance sometime down the line.

10 Years: This looks like one of those Valentine's Day/New Year's Eve movies. Not from the same people, but it has a ton of well-known actors in it and just has that feel to it. Probably will look into it at  some point.

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