Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 12/11/12

Ted: I have sort of fallen out of watching Family Guy for a few years now. I used to watch, but just sort of got tired of it. I know this isn't a cartoon, which I am hoping is for the best. I have heard some good things and I will definitely be looking into this film.

Ice Age: Continental Drift: I know that some of the most watched cartoon franchises somehow continue to get the same voice actors to return, some even for four films like Shrek. I am still confused on how this franchise continues to do that - granted this franchise isn't horrible, it certainly started out well. I have seen them all so I don't see why I won't see this one as well.

Bourne Legacy: The first three films starring Matt Damon are incredible. Jeremy Renner is an extremely talented actor so I am hoping he is able to continue what Damon started. I don't see any reason why he shouldn't be able to.

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