Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tuesday's With Movies: 11/27/12

Men in Black 3: The first Men in Black film is a pretty underrated treasure. I think it sort of came out of nowhere when it was released - and pretty much supplanted Will Smith as an A-list movie star. The second film was not as great as the first, but was still enjoyable. I have seen (and own) the first two films, so of course I will be checking out the third.

Lawless: May be the last chance we get to check out Shia LaBeouf in a non-independent film. At least for a little while until he gets bored. Anyway, the cast alone has me intrigued and the film itself actually looks pretty decent, so yes I will watch this one.

Step Up Revolution: Never. Not once have I seen - even a glimpse - of any of these films. Not going to start now.

Apparition: So we have the girl from Twilight (Ashley Greene) and Draco from Harry Potter (Tom Felton) in a horror film together. Honestly, I would rather watch Twilight.

The Day: According to the film's synopsis, this film is in a post apocalyptic setting. A group of people find a farmhouse to hold up and soon find themselves fighting for their lives. Looks like a ton of people I know from past films, but not sure if I will check this one out or not.

Sparkle: The wife was interested in seeing this, so it will be here at some point. Not sure if it is one I will be checking out with her or not though.

Paranorman: One of the many Halloweenie-type kid's films that has been out lately (along with Hotel Transylvania and Frankenweenie). Probably give it a look, perhaps something the son will like. Plus, Anna Kendrick lends her voice to it - I should definitely lend my support.

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