Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My son is really getting into movies lately, and he has especially gotten into Pixar films. We watched Up a few weeks ago, and I was expecting a lot more out of the film than I came away with. After hearing so many wonderful things, and with the name Pixar on it, I was hoping for something that just wasn't there.

So, I went to the final Pixar movie I had yet to watch, Wall-E. I didn't know what to expect due to the enormous praise this film also received when it was released. A lot like that of Up.

What I found was that Wall-E was truly amazing. A movie that has so little talking was truly able to speak to its audience.

Wall-E is a robot that is left on Earth to cleanup the enormous amount of trash that has accumulated due to humans. The Earth's population is now living on a man-made space planet, and they have become so obese and lazy it is ridiculous (but also on point).

Wall-E is very self sufficient. He takes the garbage he collects and makes small squares out of it and stacks them into skyscraper-like forms. He also appears to have grown a personality and a heart. He has befriended a small cockroach and collects different types of garbage to take back to his home with him.

One evening a ship lands on Earth and leaves behind a very clean looking robot known as EVE. It is EVE's job to see if Earth is no capable of supporting life again. During her trip she befriends Wall-E and Wall-E falls in love with her. His main goal is to hold her hand just like the people in the movies he watches.

EVE finds a small plant in Wall-E's home and contacts the ship to come and get her. As the ship comes Wall-E doesn't want EVE to leave so he grabs ahold of the ship and heads into space.

The visuals, especially in space, are gorgeous. They did a top-notch job capturing the beauty of space.

Like most Pixar films, this one had a message and it wasn't hidden either. They hit you smack in the face with it, and I am ok with that. Two major problems in the world today are obesity and pollution and this film shows the extreme to where things may be headed.

With so little talking Pixar may have ruined its streak of having John Ratzenberger in each of their films, but sure enough one of the obese passengers on the man-made planet is awoken and the streak was able to continue.


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  1. So glad that you (and I can assume your son) really enjoyed it. My favorite of the Pixars by a nose over Nemo and The Incredibles.