Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I should be ashamed of myself, but I was completely unaware that Bolt was a Disney film. What was I thinking? The movie stars Miley Cyrus, of course it has to be a Disney film. Don't they own her?

Anyway, over the weekend we finally decided to watch this film. My son had seen it about a dozen or more times now, so he already knew everything that was going to happen. It was almost easier to watch that way, without the millions of questions he is accustomed to asking during movies - especially those I have never seen before.

So, Bolt stars Miley Cyrus as Penny a young girl who happens to make it big on a television series. Her co-star happens to be a dog named Bolt (John Travolta).

The Director (James Lipton) has managed to do every single shot of this television series in one take. As far as Bolt knows, he truly does have super powers and Penny continuously is getting in trouble and is now kidnapped by Dr. Calico (Malcolm McDowell).

At the conclusion of each day, Bolt is taken to a trailer with Penny and fed until it is time to shoot again the next day. On one day, however, the Director leaves the audience with a cliffhanger, as Penny is kidnapped. Bolt is taken to his trailer, but busts out in order to save Penny.

He accidentally gets shipped across the country to New York where he kidnaps/befriends Mittens the cat (Susie Essman), who begrudgingly volunteers to help Bolt get across the country and meet up with Penny. Along the way, Bolt still believes he holds his television powers. They meet up with a hamster named Rhino (Mark Walton) and the trio set out to finish their trip across country and rescue Penny.

This was a pretty cute movie. I was definitely surprised by the lack of voice talent, however. In these types of films I love going in not knowing who is voicing the characters so I can try and guess who each one was. I didn't even know who half of these stars were. With the exception of Travolta, Cyrus and McDowell the cast is a bunch of no names, and the inclusion of Lipton really threw me.

Overall, another great family film that had a handful of laughs, thanks to Rhino, and some adventure as well.


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