Friday, May 1, 2009

Quick Rant: Survivor 4/30/09

I have been a huge Survivor fan pretty much since the end of the very first season. I wasn't able to start watching it from the beginning, but as the season came to a close I got into it - and have been with it ever since.

I don't usually write about the episodes because Fletch at Blog Cabins does a bang up job every week with a (usually) live blog. I do usually write up something at the conclusion of the season to show my thoughts on the winner and the season as a whole.

Every so often, however, an episode really gets to me that I am forced to voice my opinion.

This doesn't happen every season, but sometimes I sort of gravitate towards a contestant (last season it was Sugar) because they are sort of the underdog that could (meaning sort of on the outs, but still seem to be plugging away).

This season I gravitated towards Sierra. Sierra is pretty interesting because she was the very first person voted off of her tribe, technically. When the tribes were first merged each tribe voted for who they thought would be the first people voted out - and Sierra was selected. Little did the tribe know that they in fact had given Sierra a free ride to camp while they had to hike over four miles.

Ever since then she has sort of been on the outs from the tribe, but here she was in the final seven - Amazing. And, I am not saying it was all her doing, because even I got upset with her odd game plan last week of simply whining to Coach and Tyson instead of talking to the other tribe members, trying to get in on another alliance.

Last week, with no help from herself, she was saved as the other members of the tribe took out Tyson (which was an excellent move by the way). So she had new life - and this week actually decided to do something with it.

She flat out caught Coach and Debbie in a lie in front of the entire tribe - even though Coach has said he would never lie in this game.

This was all setup perfectly to get rid of Coach - except he won immunity. But, Debbie (who seems to be losing it by the way) could have easily been substituted for Coach this time around. But, after an absolutely daring and smart move to get rid of Tyson last week - the other tribe members (JT, Stephen, Taj and Erinn) fell flat on their face with this vote.

Trying to apparently get rid of the 'drama' they voted out Sierra. But, I have a feeling the 'drama' would have been gone if they got rid of Debbie as well - because that is who Sierra seemed to be feuding with.

Oh, well. Another stupid move in a game that has ton of them. Sierra had a great run seeing as she was technically voted out already anyway.

In my opinion, JT seems to have control of the game - but I would watch out for Stephen, who seems to be calling a lot more shots than anyone is realizing. He is a sneaky player and also hiding behind JT a little.

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  1. I think you're right about Stephen - JT is definitely likable, and it seems as though all of the contestants feel that way, too, but Stephen manages to be sneaky as hell while appearing pretty innocent and harmless. He's not my favorite, but I certainly wouldn't complain if he won it all.