Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tuesday's With Movies: 12/6/11

The Help: I guess this was a pretty popular book that they made into a movie. Only thing that gives me any interest in this is it involves Emma Stone and Bryce Dallas Howard. Though, Mrs. Kano really enjoyed the book and will definitely be watching this - and most likely complaining it isn't as good as the book.

Hangover Part II: The first one was a huge unexpected it, so of course they rushed a sequel into production. I am sure this is a subpar sequel, but I will be checking it out anyway.

Mr. Popper's Penguins: Um, never really got a great vibe from the previews, but I will probably try it out because my son will most likely love it.

Cowboys & Aliens: I know this didn't get the greatest press, but I am still way into seeing this. First, it has Harrison Ford in it. Second, it has Olivia Wilde in it. Finally, it has cowboys AND aliens in it. Has to have something worth watching in it.

The Debt: I can handle Helen Mirren, but really only in a supporting role. I don't think I can watch a full movie starring her. Plus, nothing about this film has me interested.

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  1. Yes, I prefer to read. I'd rather let my imagination create what it would look like. So sue me!