Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baseball 2009

OK, so the 2009 Major League Baseball season started Sunday night with the Braves putting a whooping on the 2008 World Series champion Phillies.

I usually make selections with each pro season to what I think is going to happen - I am a lot closer with football and basketball, but I do try to guess on baseball and hockey.

So, here they are. My 2009 MLB playoff, world series, MVP and CY Young picks.

American League
East: Boston Red Sox
West: Anaheim Angels
Central: Chicago White Sox
Wild Card: Tampa Bay Rays
MVP: B.J. Upton
CY Young: Josh Beckett

National League
East: NY Mets
West: LA Dodgers
Central: Chicago Cubs
Wild Card: Atlanta Braves
MVP: David Wright
CY Young: Johan Santana

World Series: Red Sox over Dodgers

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