Wednesday, February 11, 2009

March for Babies

I know that I have mostly turned this site into an entertainment blog - but I thought I would post a note just in case anyone that visits this site is willing to donate.

Every year my family walks in the March for Babies (March of Dimes) which raises money to help children and families of babies born premature or with birth defects - and also hopefully eventually stop both from happening in the future, so every child is born healthy.

This particular cause is very close to my family - my aunt and uncle have gone through a few premature births with their family, and sadly lost their son, Jonathan, due to birth defects.

We were hit even closer to home when my wife and I experienced it first hand. My son, Kasey, was born almost nine weeks premature. He spent four days with a breathing tube and a whole month in the NICU until we were able to bring him home.

It's thanks to the doctors, nurses and the support of the March of Dimes that so many babies that are born premature still have a fighting chance at a healthy and fulfilling life. My son, who is now two, has had no lasting effects from being born so early - and is a healthy, rambunctious boy.

I am posting two website links that lead you to basically the same site. The first is my link for raising money, and the second is for my wife. It doesn't matter which one of us you would like to donate to, because in the end the money goes to March of Dimes, and everybody wins. But, we always have a friendly competition each year to see who can get the most money - so PICK ME.

Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to donate to this wonderful organization.

My site:

My wife's site:

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